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Hi! I'm Katie. I am a 25 year old white cis female (she/her pronouns) who is pansexual. I am strongly in favor of Trans/nonbinary/LGBTQIA* rights, addressing and fixing racial inequalities, and like hearing different points of view to help me learn to be more inclusive. If you need something tagged please message me, I am more than happy to tag any triggers or spoilers. Otherwise this blog is full of randomness, booze, colors, and feminist/history/anthropology ramblings with whatever else I'm currently into which is Animal Crossing New Leaf. Feel free to talk to me whenever :)
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October 1, 2012 10:13 am

There is an awesome etsy shop that makes chalkboard skulls. They have Homo sapiens and now they have Homo erectus too.

They’re super awesome and I’m sure they’d be great for halloween. They have a HUGE amount of different colors too, from classic green to hot pink.

Check out their shop :)

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