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Hi! I'm Katie. I am a 25 year old white cis female (she/her pronouns) who is pansexual. I am strongly in favor of Trans/nonbinary/LGBTQIA* rights, addressing and fixing racial inequalities, and like hearing different points of view to help me learn to be more inclusive. If you need something tagged please message me, I am more than happy to tag any triggers or spoilers. Otherwise this blog is full of randomness, booze, colors, and feminist/history/anthropology ramblings with whatever else I'm currently into which is Animal Crossing New Leaf. Feel free to talk to me whenever :)
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October 3, 2011 8:18 am

How in the hell

am I supposed to write a paper about Gilgamesh without out using the terms badass, bamf or bromance?

Academic writing you’re killing me.